NuNotarissen (nl-NL)


​Welcome on the website of nu.notarissen.

"Nu" means "now", which implies a very modern notary service. We make use of all the digital facilities like email, internet, whatsapp-messages, flat screens and i-pads. And ofcourse we are happy to serve our non-Dutch residents and compatriots.

By Dutch law a deed has to be in the Dutch language. We have no problems drawing up informal translations of the drafts of most of the common deeds in English (via Google translate or Deeple), and we do speak English as well as French and German.

However, when it comes to the signing, according to the law, there has to be a sworn translator present if you are not sufficiently in command of the Dutch language. We are most willing to arrange that for you, at the price of € 90 ex VAT per deed (the costs of the translator not included). These additonal costs cover the extra time needed for the meeting, the contact with the sworn translator, etc.

Please call us if you have any questions.